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Colostrum is the fluid produced in the very first few hours from the mammary gland of the female (humans & mammals), and it has all the antibodies to protect the young when the immune system is new and underdeveloped.

Bovine Colostrum is often used due to it’s rich source of antibodies, growth factors and nutrients and may provide immunity to the newborn against various pathogenic organisms particularly those that affect the digestive tract. Children who were not breast-fed do not receive the natural antibodies from their mother milk, and often have a lifetime of allergy problems. Likewise young puppies/kittens who do not nurse, are often not protected by the antibodies from mother's colostrum.

Research shows Colostrum will regenerate and rejuvenate the immune function. It is highly recommended for pets (humans) with cardiomyopathy and diabetes issues as well as going through cancer treatments.

First milking Bovine colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins which protect against e-coli infection the most common cause of severe diarrhea in young puppies.

120 gram bottle (60 teaspoons)
240 gram bottle (120 teaspoons)

DOSAGE:by pet weight

2-10 lbs - ¼ teaspoon

11 – 50 lbs – ½ teaspoon

51 lbs – 80 lbs – ½ - ¾ teaspoon

80 lbs –100 – 1 teaspoon

over 100 lbs – 1 ½ teaspoons

Dose 2 x daily during stress

Note: A 2 gram (1 teaspoon) scoop is included and one bottle will last 2 months for a 100 lb dog.

Nutritional Support-
Provided by Blackwatch Nutritional Consulting LLC

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Reviews: 30
Average Customer Rating: 4.97

September 20th, 2014

Jayne has been a great help with the issues my Danes are having. Thank you much for the outstanding service!

July 10th, 2014

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