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K9 Ear Solution Liquid & GV Ear Powder

K9 Ear Solution Liquid & GV Ear Powder
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Reviews: 33
Average Customer Rating: 4.76


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This product is the perfect solution for your pet’s constant reoccurring ear issues, especially yeasty ears and feet, hotspots or swimmer's ears.

If your dog is not having ear problems, do not use anything in them and do not use any Q-tips in the ear canal. Some dogs have more ear wax than others; it is simply their system and may not be an indication of a bacterial or fungus infection.

Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol, boric acid, gentian violet, colloidal silver.

Left - an example of a yeasty ear with a secondary bacterial infection, completely closed and surgery was suggested.

Right - 4 days after using K-9 Ear Solutions ear open and no surgery was needed.
NOTICE:  We now carry another ear product and it is in a powder form and it is best for dogs with ears that are irritated and might burn if using an alcohol base. Instead you need to order the GV Ear Solutions product.

This ear product is called GV Ear Solution Powder - it has the same ingredients as our liquid ear product,  but it is minus the alcohol so it does not burn the dogs ears. Instead, you dissolve the powder in Witch Hazel, which you can get from the drugstore. It will not burn. This bottle of powder makes up to 16 oz of liquid ear solutions.

So if your pet is having ear problems and they are VERY raw VERY extreme, this powder is better to use than the K9 Ear Solution Liquid that we also sell. Powder Mixture price $12.95 as well.

Shake well and then remember these products will stain, so take the dog outside to use it and do not have on good clothes. Both of these are all natural products and are the best for yeasty ears. 


Shake well before using then fill ear with solution & massage gently for 30 seconds and wipe with a tissue. Fill a second time and just wipe without massaging. The dog will shake the excess out. Be careful, it could stain so it is best to take them out side to do this. Do not store in sunlight. This solution is also effective for the treatment of yeasty fungus type infections and on hot spots and nails.

2 times per day for the first 2 weeks
1 time per day for the next 2 weeks
1 time per month thereafter

Do not get in eyes or use on a punctured ear drum and never insert anything into your dog’s ear canal including Q-tips.

Note: If you find your dog has a continuing problem with ear infections and/or skin issues or allergies it is very important that you go to - click on "Articles" in the left column and read the second article called "Mini-Course in Systemic Yeast". Your dog's ear problems may be indicating there are greater health issues you need to address.

Cost: $12.95 - 2 oz Bottle (Powder) makes up to 16 oz liquid
Cost: $12.95 - 12 oz Bottle (Liquid)

Nutritional Support -
Provided by Blackwatch Nutritional Consulting LLC

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Sunday, 14 Sep 2008  a customer writes:
 " I have to tell you that your K-9 Ear Solutions worked  great. I have not been this happy with a product since Neosporin came on the market. It really delivered. My beagle had a very serious yeast infection in one of his ears and I thought I would end up having to put him through ear surgery to open the canal up. That is what happened with my first beagle about thirty years ago. Nothing would solve the problem so I had to have surgery on him. But, not this time. Your product did the trick and in less than two weeks there was marked improvement. Thank you so much. Please feel free to use this statement as a testimonial.
Most Sincerely, Margaret Martin - Oregon "

First Choice Naturals Note:
First Choice also carries two ear solution products for cleaning/yeast/bacterial infections. One is the GE Ear Solution Powder that you can mix with 16 oz. of witch hazel and this is more appropriate if your dogs ears are tore up, swollen or look like raw hamburger. This mix will not sting and burn where as the K9 Ear Solutions is in an alcohol base and if the ears are really bad this will hurt.

Both are essentially the same product, the GV has more of one type of natural antibacterial anti-fungal in it, the K9 Ear Solutions is a cross of two different natural antibacterial and anti-fungal components. BOTH WORK EQUALLY WELL - both will stain clothing so take them outside when you use it. 
First Choice will switch out what ever ear solution product you want if you purchase the yeast kit but you MUST call in your order for a Skin Recovery Kit (yeast removal program) so customer service can make this change.


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Reviews: 33
Average Customer Rating: 4.76

October 5th, 2013

this product is the beast .my dog is happy now end healthy THANK YOU for making this wonderful product :)))))

August 4th, 2013

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