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A Natural Approach to Canine Cancer
Posted on 11/06/2012

The author of this article knows first hand the value of approaching cancer with nutritional supplements and anti-cancer foods. Her own story of becoming cancer free, brought many lessons to be shared on the canine and feline level. Other pet owners have now seen amazing results with programs that support the immune system, and foods that have anti-cancer properties.

We are honored to have the Great Dane Lady develop our Cancer and Immune Support Supplement Kit  because we know it can provide the support needed for more quality time with their owners, and the potential for remission.

Every situation is different and how an animal has been fed and cared for, plus the genetic longevity component has to be taken into consideration when your pet has cancer. So with her wisdom and experience working with breeders/owners and their vets,  the Cancer & Auto-Immune Support Supplement Kit was developed. Nothing in this kit will conflict with medicine or treatment. 
This kit involves 4 stellar nutritional components which are the basis for all the Blackwatch Feed Programs CORE 4 Kits. Those are Probiotics with Digestive Enzymes, Dietary Enzymes and a pH restorer-OxEDrops. These are necessary for every day basic wellness, regardless of the food or method of feeding you use. To that we have added very specialize supplements to address the serious issue of boosting immune function and supressing cancer growth. They are:

K9 Transfer Factor, which are found in colostrum;

and K9 Immunity, medicinal mushrooms specific to boosting immune function.

There is much controversy about feeding commercial foods vs raw diets, grain free vs meat based with quality grains. In dealing with all kinds of "feeding" situation it is our observation that using a high quality commercial food that is meat based works very well. We suggest one of the Precise Pet Foods, or PureVita or Planet Organics. These have foods within the line that are with whole ground oats and brown rice - perfectly acceptable, or they have grain free diets as well.  If you like a raw diet, we suggest The Honest Kitchen line up of foods and they work well as a topper for your commerical kibble as well. We do not recommend a homemade diet because people do not konw how to balance the diet and this is very important in fighting this condition. There are feeding options in the article below.

There is a very important article you need to read for detailed info. If you will go to the website you will see a search engine at the top of the page of this website. Type in Feed Program for Cancer Support. This is more info for your pet. Also for human cancer info and her specific program that she used, go to the search box on her website type in " Cancer How To Improve Your Health". She has gathered the top info and resourses on cancer and put them in one article full of links so you can help your self sort it out.

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