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Anal Gland Problems in Dogs
Posted on 11/06/2012

The anal glands on a dog are meant to do two specific functions. First, to provide lubrication for stool exiting the body and, second, to enable the dog to have his own, unmistakable scent.
Although we understand and sympathize with the first function, we would probably be happier without the second function.

Those anal glands are meant to work without human intervention but occasionally, help is needed when nature does not take its course correctly.

When impacted or traumatized, those anal glands can be agonizing for the dog and a stinky mess for us. Anal glands can become impacted when the dog’s diet isn’t correct or when he decides the best taste in the world does not reside in his food bowl and he makes his own decision as to his diet.

As with many problems, the best defense is a good offense. One of the best ways to prevent anal gland problems is to address this possible issue before it becomes a problem. Adding our great product called Poopity Doo to your dog’s diet can both help to prevent this problem and help to correct the problem once it occurs.

Poopity Doo adds the bulk to the diet to help cause the anal glands to eliminate before they become too full and impact. Left untreated, the impacted anal glands can abscess, which, without medical intervention, could cause death.

If your dog has anal gland problems, the best way to handle this is to have the vet clean them out, then infuse the anal gland ducts with an antibiotic cream because treating it with antibiotics by month rarely works.This may have to be done 2-3 times before it totally gets back to normal. Once infused with an antibiotic, then you can start to use Poopity Doo right away on their diet and it will help to expell them so it is no longer a problem. This is a life long supplement if you have anal gland problems. It is much easier than surgery which is terribly costly and painful!!

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