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Canine Arthritis, HOD, Pano, OCD and Canine Orthopedic Conditions
Posted on 10/24/2012

The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease). Usually a result of trauma, overuse or misuse (especially with overweight conditions), infection of the joint or age related. Another culprit that causes arthritis is a poor quality dog food with missing nutrients and inferior ingredients.

Septic arthritis is also found in companion animals and human beings but is a secondary problem due to a blood infection. Septic arthritis is often confused with HOD or Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy in dogs, where the normally sterile synovial fluid (joint fluid which lubricates the joint surfaces), is contaminated with bacteria causing an infection. Septic arthritis must be treated with an appropriate antibiotic and the affected individual should be isolated as it is considered infectious.

Other forms of arthritis, found in our dogs are: rheumatoid psoriatic immune mediated (where the body attacks itself as in Lupus). Pano is a growth problem where the dogs bones and muscles are growing at different rates. This can be handled by lowering the amount of calories (not lower protein), but calories per day and using our HOD Kit#5 which also is recommended for cases of Bowed Legs or Knuckling Over. Another serious orthopedic problem is that of Osteocondritis Dissicans or OCD where there is problems with cartiledge lifting from the bone. This must be also handled with dietary changes and the Orthopedic Support Kit #9.

Osteo Arthritis is characterized by pain that is constant and may be localized to the general area of damage. The pain is caused by the inflammation that accompanies arthritis as well as damage to the joint and muscle strains due to the force of moving stiff joints and the resultant fatigue. Using natural anti-inflammatories like Microlactin  and MSM in conjunctions with Nzymes and a super joint support supplement like K9 Full Flex or Level 5000 can make all the difference in the world to our pet and you do not have to use risky medicines.

Unfortunately, arthritic conditions can be a result of uneven growth or malformed limbs due to nutritional problems. To reduce the incidence of this happening, we suggest a specific diet for growing puppies and the use of our CORE 4 supplements to encourage straight legs and good muscle development. Most of these supplements are also used by the body to improve the immune system to reduce the possibility of infection.

For puppies, we recommend one of these:

For puppies with growth problems:

For arthritis due to trauma or age, we recommend:

Individual supplements for arthritic problems:

For complete information on how to correct or reverse these conditions go to and in the SEARCH box on this website type in the subject. You can also get a List of Better Foods at this website.

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