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Canine Diabetes - Nutritional Support & the Sugar Connection
Posted on 11/06/2012

The commercial dog food industry has depended on fractionated grains for the basis of their pet foods, for over 50 years. In the past 10 years the shift to a holistic pet food market, has forced companies to reconfigure their pet foods to meet the demands of the holistically minded pet owner.

We need a meat meal based diet with a quailty whole ground grain such as Oats, Brown Rice and Barley as a carbohydrate. With fiber in tact these carbohydrates came be used for energy, but will burn slow because of the natural the fiber. 

Our pet foods need to remain MEAT meal based foods and multiple protein based are the best for holding and building muscle mass.

Most of our pets have been feed “grain based” processed foods (kibble), and most of the kibbles of the past are devoid of quality real meat protein, and the "living enzyme" component nessary for digesting food. The results has been a premature depletion of the natural enzymes in the pancreas needed for digestion.

This has put unusual pressure on the pancreas to deliver and it wears out before it's time, rendering it unable to manage the regulation of glucose and insuliForeground Colorn levels. 

Our Insulin Sensitivity Support Kit helps to support the pancreatic function and restore regulation of glucose levels, through a series of supplements that have been shown to be effective in managing diabetes. Research has backed up these claims. Introduce each component 2-3 days apart to make it easy on the body.

If you prefer to use a raw diet instead, The Honest Kitchen has our endorsement and Precise pet foods  has some great grain free diets available for dogs and cats.

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