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Canine dose amounts of Co-Q-10
Posted on 03/03/2015

The recommended dose of Co-Q-10 for canines has not been difinitively  established but multiple references to Co-Q-10 dosages range widely.

Here are a couple of suggested dosage amounts:

  1. On the high side  --  2 – 30 mg capsules per 20 lb body weight 2 times per day.
  2. On the lower side  --  1 –30 mg capsule per 25 lb daily.

Co-Q-10 does not last in the body more than a few hours so, for the maximum benefit, it should be taken at least twice per day.   

A more moderate, but I believe, useful dose would be  30 mg per 30 lb body weight daily but taken ½ AM and ½ PM with the maximum dose being 100 to 300 mg per day based on the pets weight.     

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