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Eyes, Ears, and Teeth

Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque-Zappers Breath-Less Fizzy Plaque-Zappers
When FCN compared all the plaque removal products on the market, Ark Naturals was one of our two favorite products based on healthy ingredients and research. We carry both dental products Petzlife Oral Spray/Gel and Fizzy Plaque Zappers for your...
Eyes so Bright Eyes so Bright
Supports healthy eyes with Ark’s soothing, all-natural eye wash Eyes so Bright™ is all natural and free of chemicals that may cause additional irritation. Use daily for pets with red or itchy eyes, and weekly to maintain healthy eyes. ...
GV Ear Powder GV Ear Powder
Take this GV Ear Powder, which is a powder, and add it to 16 oz of witch hazel which you can purchase at Walgreens or Walmart or generally any drugstore. Shake and you have a non-stinging ear solution that will clean...
K9 Ear Solution Liquid & GV Ear Powder K9 Ear Solution Liquid & GV Ear Powder
This product is the perfect solution for your pet’s constant reoccurring ear issues, especially yeasty ears and feet, hotspots or swimmer's ears. If your dog is not having ear problems, do not use anything in them and do...
PetzLife Oral Care Spray and Gel PetzLife Oral Care Spray and Gel
Yes, it is no longer necessary to anesthetize your pet to have their teeth cleaned!! PetzLife Oral Care Spray or Gel is 100% natural and works. They have been tested by us as well as in independent labratory tests and found...
Triple Pet Tooth Brush Triple Pet Tooth Brush
The Triple Pet Toothbrush gets the job done faster, easier and better. The three flexible heads maintain the proper pressure on all surfaces of the tooth with every stroke. In addition to the standard top bristles, the two side bristles...

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