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Vitamins, Minerals, Digestive Health

4 in 1 Probiotics - GREEN 4 in 1 Probiotics - GREEN
Note:  organic barley grasses will vary in color depending on the time of year it has been harvested. This does not effect the nutritional anaylsis of the product .  Dosages:  1 to 10 lb ~ 1/4 scoop  ** 1 to 25...
4 in 1 Probiotics Plus (ORANGE) 4 in 1 Probiotics Plus (ORANGE)
4 in 1 Probiotics Plus is available in a - 1 lb container (454 grams) = 128 scoops per jar. Dosages: 1/4 scoop - 1-10lbs 1/2 scoop - 10- 25 lbs 1 scoop - 25-50 lbs 1 & 1/2 scoop -...
Filling N The Wholes Filling N The Wholes
 "Filling N The Wholes" should replicates the living components found in diets in the wild, and  helps support digestive, heart, joint, skin, ligament and immune functions all in one through the use of green foods vitamins/ minerals, phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, l-carnintine,...
ProBio Pac ProBio Pac
The "micro encapsulation" process provides protection against heat and stomach acid and insures that 95% of the viable bacteria reach the lower GI tract. DIRECTIONS: Mix the ProBio Pac TM powder with your pet's daily meal (see amounts below)....

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