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CORE 4 Kit #50 -


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CORE 4 Kit #50 - HUMAN FOUNDATION - contains:

Pro B Probiotics- This is a blend of good micro-organisms in combination with the needed digestive enzymes to break down the foods and deliver the nutrients to our system. They also take the load off the pancreas having to produce more daily. (90 capsules - 2-3 months supply)

(Amount: 1 capsule daily, double if stressed or on antibiotics).

Dietary Enzymes - Dismutase Tablets (200 capsules) help to provide the things necessary to slow the free radical damage and provide antioxidant and anti-aging  properties as well. This is what we use to keep our body detoxified from all types of toxin, on a daily basis.  (Amounts: ease into 4 - 6 capsules daily depending on weight (see bottle. You can double dose when stressed and triple more for really heavy detoxification purposes, but it is important to EASE into this level of detoxification so you don't get nausea, lethargy and loose stools).  Note: The GreatDaneLady used 10 capsules in AM and 10 in the PM when going through chemotherapy. Call us for her positive experiences with dietary enzymes, which she has taken for over 30 years and continues with great health.

pH Restore Drops - This is a concentrated liquid that is used to balance the body's pH.  Keeping your digestive tract with a pH 7 or above is so important to health. Research shows us that an acid environment is not representative of wellness and in fact invites disease and suppressed immune function.  (2 oz bottle). (Amount: put 10 drops in 8 oz glass of filtered water - drink it AM and PM. You can also put 10 drops in your bottled water that you drink all day. This can be used topically as long as it is diluted - 1 teaspoon in 1 cup distilled water and it can be used on cuts, abrasion, sunburn etc - no sting). It can be used the same as OxEDrops. 


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