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Good and Bad Yeast, Fungus and Bacterias
Posted on 12/20/2012

In life, we have to deal with opposing entities such as good and evil, positive and negative and such is the case in the world of micro-organisms.

The microorganisms that live in us or our pets are the tiniest of living organisms like beneficial bacterias which are necessary for life. One example of good bacteria in our body is lactobacillus acidophillus. Then there are pathogenic (bad) bacterias like MRSA Staph, ecoli etc. that can make us very sick or even kill us. The body carries good and bad microbials and it's about keeping the bad bacteria or organisms to a minimum count.

There is also good and bad fungus, such as Candida Albicans which can cause systemic yeast (in the whole system) or on the skin and even some of the cancers are fungus based. Also there is good fungus such as medicinal mushrooms which are used to shrink tumors or portabella mushroom, which is great with steak.

Yeast is also a form of fungus and we have good yeasts and bad yeasts. For example, bakers yeast is used to make breads. Brewer's yeast on the other hand is a great source of vitamin B in dog foods and for humans as well as it is used to make beer. Candida Albicans yeast is an example of a very bad yeast, in that it reeks havoc on the whole body especially when it is in high levels in the system (Systemic Yeast overgrowth). 

Systemic Yeast infections in humans and pets call for a rebalancing of the digestive tract to get yeast/fungus levels back to normal (low). This can be done with a change in diet and the:

Yeast Removal Program for Pets

OR Yeast Removal Program for Humans.

There are also yeasts that are the "medium" on which we can grow beneficial nutrients like organic selenium which is an "organic" form of yeast and it is not toxic to the body. When we use selenium, in a the mineral form it can collect in the body and be toxic over time. This is why I approve of the use of organic/natural selenium in commercial foods.

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