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Healthy Pet Treats Avoid Pet Treat Recalls
Posted on 11/06/2012

Healthy Pet Treats - Avoiding The Danger of Recalled Treats

The chicken jerky treat recalls have been a problem since 2007, and will continue to be until they find better options, so we are advising that owners steer clear form any meat jerky type pet treats. Instead go with a baked treat or homemade treats for your dog and cat.  

There are many types on the market but what is important is to choose treats that are manufactured in the USA and the ingredients in the treats should be sourced in the USA.

Let's not forget healthy human foods that can also serve at treats. Things like frozen berries, peas, bits of apple, melon and cheese. All in moderation of course, but real foods are important because they bring the living component back into the diet.

It's important not to over feed treats and  when purchasing treats turn the bag over and make sure it does not come from China. The FDA has been trying to find the source of the contaminated chicken jerky strips and stop the sales over the past 5 years, but they are continually being sold in the major box retailers and pet stores. Always, purchase your pet treats from small family owned independent retailers so you know the treats are healthy and fresh. When in doubt you can make your own treats.

There are several quality treats from New Zealand and Canada and in the USA there are a couple of outstanding treats that are available through - Krunchity Munchity  treats are all natural salmon, sweet potato and berry based treats in a puff pillow shape, that are not only good for the Omega's and antioxidants, but the dogs love the taste! For functional treats we suggest using the Ark Naturals Sea Mobility Treats -  all natural "jerky like" treats that come in beef, chicken, lamb and venison, and can be easily broken into small pieces for training.

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