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6 ft.  Biothane Slip Lead and Collar Combo. 1 size fits all - Stainless Steel loop ring and 5 hand set Chicago Screws.

Material used as horse harness, Biothane Beta will wash easily with mild soap and water.  Not subject to fraying and easy on the hand. These are available in colors listed below:

  1. Pink (as shown)  Stainless Steel Chicago Screws as do others below not otherwise marked.
  2. Orange 
  3. Red
  4. Purple  (brass Chicago screws)
  5. Blue
  6. Lime Green
  7. Hunter Green  (brass Chicago screws)
  8. Black

Collars available by special order with size specification. "Close Walkers" (short walking handles with clips) also available as well as 6 foot Clip leashes.  Please call for special orders or put color request on the "comments" section of your order form.

 Shipping for up to two leashes alone is $6.96.  Shipping charges will be altered prior to charging at time of processing. 


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