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Kit #12 - Feed Program for Anti-Bloat Support and/or Sensitive Digestion - All Breeds


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There are many myths and unknowns surrounding the cause of bloat/torsion, but at the core of this problem is the need for good nutritional support, not only digestive support, but metabolic support as well. This program focuses on providing the body with nutrients to help with sensitive digestion issues caused by a variety of problems; parasites, toxic gut syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, yeast overgrowth and pathogens. Part 2

This kit helps the body to reestablish a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria (flora/fauna) and crowd out pathogens such as bad bacteria and yeast overgrowth. Using a multiple encapsulated probiotics to reseed the gut and digestive enzymes to get the most out of your pet’s diet, is very beneficial to over all health. Maintaining a proper pH balance of the gut and providing the micro minerals necessary to run the bodies’ electrical system is critical to keeping a whole body in balance. This supplement kit will assist in areas that are pertinent to good digestive health by lending nutritional support on all levels.

1 – Bottle of BacPakPlus – 200 gr $28.08
2 – Bottle of Nzymes Treats – 120 treats $42.12
1 – Bottle of OxE-Drops – 2 oz concentrate $21.06
1 – Bottle of Spark of Life – 2 oz $15.00
2 – Bottles of Level 5000 Joint Support 16 oz $45.20
1 – Bottle of Tincture of Blackleaf – 2 oz** $27.00
SUBTOTAL $178.47
discount   $8.92
TOTAL $169.54
Cost per month for 2+ month supply for large/giant breed $80
Cost per month for 3-4 month supply for small/medium breeds $40
** You will need to use this kit for 2 – 4 months then you can switch over to Kit#4 for Adults.  

Support Reading: Bloat: Is Nutrition a FactorBloat and The Relationship to Systemic Yeast


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