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Kit #14 - Deluxe Daily Care Kit - All Breeds


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We are pleased to announce that we carry the Deluxe Daily Care Kit (eye, ear, teeth, fleas and healthy treats) that are recommended and used by, for the day-to-day care for your pets.

Ears - K9 Ear Solutions – not only for cleaning but swimmer’s ear, infections and the worst – chronic yeasty ears. This product works better than anything on the market.

Eyes –an all natural product called Eyes So Bright for general eye cleansing.

Teeth – No more anesthesia for your pet’s dental work! This terrific product allows you to remove the plaque and bacteria from the mouth with a simply spray. Petzlife Oral Spray now gives us a safe alternative to oral health for our pets.

Fleas – Can be used in conjunction with a topical flea preparation like Frontline Plus. This all natural Neem Protect Spray helps keep flies, deer flies and other insects away as well and safe for puppies. FCN also carries a Neem Protect Shampoo which is a companion product to this spray.

Healthy Natural Treats – Sea Mobility Jerky Strips treats past all our taste tests plus they have the added bonus of being good for joint health for your dog. They come in Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Venison (we must select the flavor, but your dog will love them all!!).


K9 Ear Solutions – 12 oz


Eyes So Bright – 4 oz


Teeth - Petzlife Oral Spray - 400 sprays


Neem Flea Spray – 8 oz


Krunchity Munchity Treats











This Kit will last several months for one dog.



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