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Kit #15 - Allergy Support


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To reduce the sensitivity that causes allergic reactions, the best approach is to detoxify the body, then supply the body with the whole food nutrients that are missing as well as a lack of variety in commercial or homemade diets. Most of the foods that are discussed as “potential” allergy foods ie: corn, beef etc. – really are not a problem at all. The issue is normally the quality of ingredients used in commercial foods that is the problem!

Inhalant allergies are also due to a compromised immune system, generally from a poor quality diet. In the Blackwatch Program, with Kit#15 – Allergy Support, we work to assist the immune system with variety and whole food concentrated nutrition to promote long termed wellness.

Contact allergies are just that, something your pet has come in contact with and it require careful scrutinizing on your part, of all your cleaning products, pesticides and lawn care protocols. Do not let your pets out on a freshly mowed lawn; watch the kind of mulch you use as well.

Kit # 15 – Allergy Support  
1 - Filling in the Wholes 1 lb $32.50
1 – 2 lb Granular Nzymes $43.20
1- DMG-L $27.50
1 – OxE-Drops $21.06
1- Level 5000 Joint Supplement $22.60
subtotal - $146.86
discount - $7.35
TOTAL - $139.51

There is a great companion product, not in the kit itself - but you can order it from this site. It is called SeaCure - and it helps to speed the boost immune function and the healing process and it has been know to have great success for allergies.

For more info on SeaCure go to:



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May 31st, 2010
gayle coles says...
seems to be helping my dog's allergy iching hopefully it will continue and finally give her some relief - only been on it for a couple of weeks but she isn't scratching as much

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