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Kit #17 - Enhanced Nutrition for Prescription Diets


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We are often faced with a nutritional dilemma when we have to use a prescription diet for our pet. The quality of these diets definitely leaves much to be desired and the cost is through the roof. Why aren't there holistic or natural prescription diets available to us? Because in order to be called a prescription diet used by veterinarians, the companies have to fund considerable research trials to prove their diets work. Many natural/holistic dog food companies simply can't afford to do this kind of extensive research, and many are fairly new companies. Hills' Science Diet has been around the longest for prescription diets and therefore is the most used by veterinarians, but we see Eukanuba and Purina on the scene as well. Innovative Veterinary Diets is one of the better ones if you have to use a prescription diet.

If you have to use a prescription diet then you can enhance the diet with whole food vitamins, plant based or ionic mineral, digestive and dietary enzymes and probiotics, and not disrupt the balance of the diet. This can be done with:

Kit#17 – Enhanced Nutrition for Prescription Diets

1 – Filling N The Wholes - whole food vitamin/mineral $32.00
2 – Nzymes Chewable Pet Treats $42.12
1 – Spark of Life – 2 oz $15.00
1 – BakPakPlus Probiotics/Digestive Enzymes – 200 gr $28.08
1 – Level 5000 Joint Support – 32 oz $59.95
subtotal - $177.15
discount - $ 8.85
TOTAL - $168.30



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