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Kit #18 - Megaesophagus Support Kit - All Stages/Ages/Breeds


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The Blackwatch Feed Program for Megaesophagus Kit # 18 was developed to provide concentrated nutrition; food/calories/nutrients needed to reduce the chances of regurgitation of food and possible aspiration pneumonia. Please read this Feed Program completely before purchasing this kit so you understand why these supplements and food suggestions are beneficial.

There is a great companion product, not in the kit itself - but you can order it from this site. It is called SeaCure - and it helps to provide concentrated nutrition for your pet in small amounts which can be added to the normal diet. It boosts immune function as well.

For more info on SeaCure go to: Note: some dogs can eat solid foods, the majority of dogs with esophagus problems have to eat foods of a liquid/porridge type consistency. Feeding the dog in an elevated position is essential in getting the food past the pocket of the esophagus and into the stomach for digestion. For very specific FOOD recommendations see article below. Seek Veterinarian advice before beginning this protocol.

ARTICLE: Blackwatch Feed Program for Megaesophagus Support

Megaesophagus Support - Contents of Kit # 18

2 – Bottle BacPakPlus or 1 - 400 mg bottle $45.36
1 – Granular Nzymes 2 lbs $43.20
1 – Bottle of Ox-E-Drops – 2 oz $21.06
1 – Spark of Life 2 oz $15.00
1 – Water for Life $19.50
Subtotal $144.12
discount 7.21
TOTAL $136.91
1 large/giant dog – 2+ months supply costs per mo ($66)
1 sm/med pet – 3-4 months supply costs per mo ($34)



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