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Kit #2 - My New Puppy - Baby Growth - Breeders Kit


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Send your new puppy home with a supplement kit to get your pet buyers on the right track. Many breeders include this price in the sale of the puppy, others have the new owners purchase ahead of time showing proof they have purchased the right food and supplements before the sale takes place. Often breeders have written into their contracts that the health guarantee is null and void if the puppy is not fed the Blackwatch Feed Program to help prevent developmental orthopedic issues. The training kit that comes in this Kit#1 is a wonderful bonus for your puppy buyers, it teaches them how to train your puppy and make them a good citizen of the breed.

You must call in this order at 765-287-8288 for multiple kit pricing.

Large/Giant Breeds: 2-4 months of age

Medium Breeds: 2-4 months of age

Small Breeds: 2-6 months of age


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