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Kit #20 - Basic Wellness Kit - All Ages/Breeds


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FILLING N THE WHOLES TM - natural way to provide essential whole food nutrition to fill in the nutritional holes in your pet’s diet and replicates the living components found in diets in the wild AND it helps support digestive, heart, joint/ligament and immune functions all in one supplement. Works with any dog food, raw diet or homemade diet.

NZYMES® Dietary Enzymes - Nzymes are made of sprouted foods. They provide antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties in a chewable  pet treat or in granular form and does not conflict with any medication your pet may be on because this is a food.

NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops - IIt assists the body in the removal of dangerous free radicals which cause aging and disease. and help to keep the pH balanced.

PETZLIFE Oral Care Spray - is 100% natural ingredients with no side effects and safe for puppies.The main ingredient is Grapefruit seed extract, Grape seed extract, Thyme oil, Neem oil, Rosemary oil, and Peppermint oil in a proprietary blend. These are all specially formulated with distilled water and grain alcohol to produce one of the most effective and safest dental products ever produced. 400 sprays per bottle.

LEVEL 5000 - Liquid Joint Support is a concentrated formula for healthy joints with Glucosamine, MSM, Perna, and Shark Cartilage. Level 5000 also includes several powerful antioxidants such as Ester-C and Grape Seed extract, digestive enzymes, as well as Cat's Claw (an herb) and Manganese to enhance it's benefits. Liquid joint supplements are better absorbed by your pet.

Honest Kitchen – Dehydrated Raw - Organic meats/fruits and veggies. Now you can top dress your Holistic dog food with a safe raw component for the best of both worlds in feeding your pets. Free Samples: Wellness Wellbars and Eagle Natural Pack Foods.

1 – Bottle Filling N The Wholes – ½ lb $17.50
1 – Bottles of Nzymes Treats – 60 treats $21.06
1 – Bottle of Ox-E-Drops – 2 oz $21.06
1 – Bottle Petzlife Oral Teeth Spray $21.50
3 – Level 5000 Joint – 3.6 oz total $8.00
Subtotal $89.12
discount 4.45
TOTAL $84.67



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