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Kit #21 - Heart Support


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Our Heart Support Kit #21 not only supplies specific nutrients known to support heart function, but it includes a whole food multiple/vitamin mineral supplement that includes: probiotics/digestive enzymes for digestive support, Colostrum for additional immune and heart support, dietary enzymes and omegas for heart and immune support and collagen for joint health. We do not suggest that the use of these supplements will prevent a dog from having DCM or CHF but research has shown it is beneficial to use them if a dog has been diagnosed with DCM and CHF.

The Cardio Support Kit #21 has been designed for therapeutic uses, with therapeutic dose support for animals with DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy), CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and other heart diseases that benefit from supportive supplementation. This Kit is compatible with the heart medication your pet may be on, as well as other components from the Blackwatch Feed Programs (OxEdrops, Level 5000 Joint Support, Nzymes etc). Please read the research articles below for more information and discuss it with your holistic health care practitioner.

Cardio Support Kit # 21

1 – Filling N The Wholes (1 lb) $32.50
2 – L-Carnitine Liquid – (2000 mg daily) $49.90
1 – bottles - Co-Q-10 – ( 120 mg daily) $20.00
1 – Colostrum - 120 gr $20.00
1 – Magnesium Angstrom Mineral 32 oz $26.95
Subtotal $149.35
discount     7.46
TOTAL $141.89

Giant breeds – 1 month

 Large breeds 1.5 months,

Small and Medium Breeds 2+ mo.


Support Articles: Importance of Colostrum for Heart Disease Supplements for Heart Disease What is Co-Q-10? Importance of Carnitine Supplementation


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June 29th, 2009
Bonnie Deschenes says...
My 13 year old Mini Aussie is doing fantastic! I am now giving all 9 dogs of my dogs "Filling n the Wholes". I will be placing an order for that real soon! Thanks again!

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