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Kit #26 - Rescue Greyhounds (Sighthounds)


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Rescue Greyhounds have special needs anyway and are in need of supplements to bring their immune system up to a level that helps keep them well and to reduce stress in their life. They often have very sensitive stomachs, dry skin and depleted resources so the supplement kit #26 is developed specifically for those needs of a Greyhounds or a rescue sight hounds. The GreatDaneLady has a particular interest in these breeds because the Great Dane is genetically part sight hound they have same "sensitivities" to anesthesia and medicines as the Greyhound and Wolfhound etc. See article on Surgery Guidelines. Please NOTE in the photo of the kit it shows a Glucosamine w/ HA joint product, we have substituted it with a more advanced product from the same company. We have had such remarkable results with Level 5000 Joint Supplement that we felt it was a must for rescues!

1 lb Filling N The Wholes $32.50
2 lb Nzymes Granular $43.20
2 oz OxE-Drops $21.06
16 oz Ultra Oil $17.90
32 oz Level 5000 Joint Support $59.95
Subtotal $178.54
TOTAL $169.62
This kit should last 2-3 months for One Greyhound depending on size and use of products. Averages $57 per 2.5 months

There is a great companion product, not in the kit itself - but you can order it from this site. It is called SeaCure - and it helps to speed healing, nutritioinally and for wounds, and to boost immune function and the healing process For more info on SeaCure go to:


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