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Kit #38 - CORE 4 OPTIMAL- Filling N Wholes w/Vit & Min, Vit C - Probiotic, Immune Support


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Each kit is designed  to last 1-2 months for giant breeds and that means they will last longer for puppies or small dogs. For a medium dog they should last 3+ months.The CORE 4 Kits or other Feed Program Kits are developed for life long use. When you run out of a supplement you can buy the whole kit or a single product separately.

ALL KITS SOLD WITH 5% DISCOUNT. CLEANSING PERIOD: If your pet has been on an inferior feeding protocol, medications, stressed, over vaccinated etc. your dog may go through the detoxification process (cleansing of the toxins) when started on these kits and it may result in a little loose stool, nausea, some itching and scratching, hotspots. This is a temporary condition and we recommend that you back off and reintroduce products at 1/2 dosage and ease into the program.

Return and Refund Policy All the functional foods supplement products in the Blackwatch Supplement Kits work synergistically for your pet. They are made from all natural, human grade nutrients and time tested in feed trials. Therefore, if you order our Supplement Kits, please make sure you are ordering the correct one. If you are in doubt contact us at 1-765-287-8288 in order to purchase the correct kit for your pet's situation to avoid any returns.


Kit #38 - CORE 4 OPTIMAL- Filling N Wholes w/Vit & Min, Vit C - Probiotic, Immune Support

Core 4 Optimal - Kit # 38 contains 3 bottles in this kit. Filling N The Wholes; A Vitamin Mineral Supplement from whole foods that also contains Probitics, Digestive Enzymes and other immune, heart, joint and skin support nutrients. Then a Dietary Enzymes product to detoxify the body and Liquid Oxygenator Drops to help keep the pH of the digestive tract where it should be for optimal health.

Note:This kit is for the owner who also wants to feed a vitamin mineral supplement that comes from only whole food sources so it does not disrupt the balance of whole diet.. This vitamin/mineral supplement supports digestion, immune, heart, skin and joint function.


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February 6th, 2014
Crystall says...
I used to use this product with my Great Danes and since my mastiff has been having health issues we decided to try it with him. It has been almost 3 weeks and he has already started to feel better and play some :)
May 25th, 2013
Anonymous says...
It would be nice to know how much a "scoop" is that's listed on the container. No scooper included with product.
January 26th, 2012
Anonymous says...
I have been using Blackwatch Core 4 Optimal and an all natural dog food for my rat terrier for 3 weeks now. He had a terrible rash and was scratching constantly and losing his fur. He has stopped scratching and his rash is going away.His fur is starting to grow back and he is acting like a young dog again. He is 10 years old. He's back playing with his toys and I am thrilled with the results I have gotten from using this program on him .I was at my witts end when I read an article written by the Great Dane Lady that directed me to the Core 4 products. I will continue to use this program and recommend it to anyone for their pets.

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