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Kit #7 - Seniors - All Breeds

Large/Giant Breeds – 5 yrs and up Small/Medium Breeds – 6 yrs and up

Most senior foods on the market do not address the real needs of a senior dog, which is a highly digestible moderate protein diet to hold muscle mass which supports the rear end assembly and keeps them able to move and exercise to be a more active senior and enjoy their golden years. Our supplement kit addresses these senior needs needed so they don't give out prematurely and the dog can continue to potty without being carried out side to do it. Obviously this is not an option for large/giant breeds so our comprehensive Senior Support Kit#7 has been shown to provide significant nutritional support for geriatric dogs in terms of joints, heart, immune systems. We have had such remarkable results with Level 5000 Joint Supplement that we felt it was a must for seniors!

Supplements - Contents of Kit #7

1 – Bottle Filling N The Wholes – 1 lb/ 128 scoops $32.50
1– Bottle of Gran. Nzymes 2lbs (anti-inflammation) $43.20
2 – Bottles of Co-Q-10 (heart support) $30.00
1 - Bottle of Level 5000 Joint Support 32oz $59.95
Subtotal $165.65
Discount $8.28
TOTAL $157.37
Cost per month for two month supply for large/giant breeds ($77)
Cost per month for approximately 3-4 months forsmall /medium breeds ($38)

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