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OLIVE LEAF which is known to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, is a powerful supplement addressing yeast fungus overgrowth.

BLACK WALNUT has anti parasitic action and is known to to kill parasites.

CAYENNE works as a "carrier" of other herbs to get an herb to place in the body where it is needed.

TOPICALLY - Topically, this combination it has been found very beneficial for itchy skin, ringworm and demodex.


Black Walnut (Jugians nigra) from green outer hull, Olive Leaf (oleuropein), Organic Cayenne (capsicum chinense), Distilled water. Alcohol Content:75% - dissipates after approximately 5 seconds. Herb strength 5:1.

Internally: Dilute with water and put on food

Topically: Use full strength for ringworm or demodex mange spots

Discontinue use if unusual symptoms occur.

Do not use during pregnancy, nursing or on puppies and do not double dosetoy breeds under 12 lbs

(Shake well before using)


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