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$26.95 - Magnesium 32 oz.

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Magnesium is important in the muscle energy and contraction (heart) and relaxation and nerves induces restful sleep, and aids in irregularity, purifies our body tissues of acids, toxins, and neutralizes poisons. Most minerals on the market can only be absorbed by 10%, this is why any mineral FCN carries has to be angstrom level so it works.

2 - 24 lbs -   1 /2 teaspoon in AM with food
25 - 44 lbs - 1  teaspoons in AM with food
45 - 80 lbs - 1 1/2 teaspoon in AM with food
81- 100 lbs - 2 teaspoons in AM with food
100lbs+ - 1 tablespoon in AM with food
$26.95 - Magnesium 32 oz.

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March 12th, 2011
Kris says...
This product along with the other products recommended for diabetic dogs has helped me keep my dogs glucose levels under control, I didn't think we would ever achieve control of my dogs diabetes without the help of First Choice Naturals! Thank you!!
October 30th, 2010
Karen Boos says...
I feed my dogs according to guidelines by The Great Dane Lady and Angstrom Magnesium is what she recommends for dogs with heart issues. My 13-year-old has a grade 4 murmur, but the cardiologist says no medication is necessary due to the great shape he is in. I believe that is a direct result of following her feeding recommendations for the past 4 years (along with keeping he and his 11-year-old nephew lean and 4 daily walks). Very little is needed, making it a good buy. Plus no cost for heart medication!
July 19th, 2009
Anonymous says...
Both my husband and I have been on magnesium for sometime. I have noticed the difference in myself and with his quadruple bypass magnesium was a must. I am so glad we found it in liquid form since I get tired of taking pills. Since our yellow lab has a heart muscle that needs strengthening and because of our positive experiences with magnesium we decided to give it a try for her. She seems to be doing much better so we will continue to purchase this product for both her and me.

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