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Natural Alternatives to Cholesterol Lowering Statin Drugs
Posted on 11/06/2012

Written By Linda Arndt

The doctors said this was normal considering her age - well I am not buying that, she went from vibrant and independant to needing assisted living in a few short months. So I decided to do my own research on her diet, supplements and the medicines they had her on. When I read the side effects of Lipator, one of her drugs, and realized they did not back up the body with large doses of Co-Q-10 to cover for what is lost from the Lipator, I understood what had happened to her health.

I made the decision to put her on a natural program to keep her chlorestal levels down and take her of the statin drug that was killing her. All statin drugs like Lipator will cause Co-q-10 depleation and it MUST be put back into the body on a daiy basis, but no doctors tell that to their patients!!

By the way - it used to be that 240 was considered normal for cholesterol levels in the body, then the drug companies got it lowered to 200 being the cut off. They worked to get it even lower to sell more drugs but people started to catch on to the fact that this was not in the best interest of their health! And to make matters worse, there has nevere been any research done on women so we do not know what normal levels are for them. 

This is how we handled my mother's cholesterol situation. First, putting on a series of supplements and within a week weaning her of the statin drug. I am please to tell you that she live another 12 years and regained some of her muscle mass and no heart issues until the last month of her passing.  

These are the supplements I put her on these supplements:

1) Co-Q-10 or Ubiqonal 200 - 300 mg daily

2)  Pharmaceutical Grade Fish or Krill Oil  2000=3000 mg daily. Ask the pharmaceutical grade (Carson Brand is one), so you don't burp it up. If you want to do a combination of Flaxseed and Fish or Krill that works as well...always take with food. I use the Co-Q-10 from First Choice Naturals because I know the source of their products are not from China.

3) 20 mg daily of Policosenal - a tiny pill made from the cane sugar wax, it's very inexpensive but powerful.

4) CholersterOff - a plant sterol product you can get at Walgreens, Target , Walmart, but the research behind it is amazing and it works.

5) Fiber - increase your fiber by increasing your fruits and veggies and oatmeal is great plus it has Oat Beta Glucans in it which are anti-cancer. If that does not sound good to you, there are many fiber products on the market. (do not take your Fish/Krill Oil or Staurss Drops at the same time as you take fiber tablets or drinks because the fiber will absorb them and do you no good.

6) Lastly, and most important is remarkable all natural product that I highly recommend for overall heart health is called Dr. Strauss Heart Drops - talk about cleaning out the pipes to the heart, this is a remarkable product not only for people but for dogs. The Strauss Heart drops can also be used in conjunction with the Heart Support Kit for dogs, and the dogs love the taste.

I have more info at my website on statin drugs and these supplements if you go to and do a search in the search box on my website.

* The article "Cholesterol Levels and Statin Drugs" is republished with the permission of Blackwatch Nutritional Counseling and Linda Arndt of the educational website

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