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Nzymes Skin Recovery Kit #49 + K9 Ear Solutions - SMALL/TOY BREEDS


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The skin is the biggest filter organ on the body, the toxins from the yeast dying off are excreted and deposited on the surface of the skin causing itching, scratching, chewing and shedding. This causes secondary skin infections, often Staph and then antibiotics are administered for the secondary infection and it makes the Yeast overgrowth even worse. And it cycles all over again! Here is where this kit, a good holistic food and a thyroid test will come to the rescue. If your dog has skin issues, antibotics and steroids will not clear up allergies or yeast overgrowth (Candida Albicans). This is why the Skin Recovery Kit #45 will benefit a dog with unbalanced yeast issues. 

After the yeast rebalancing program is completed it is important to move the dog over to Kit # 40 or stay on Kit #30 for a lifelong maintenance level program.

We have found the vast majority of dogs with systemic yeast issues also have low thyroid or low normal thyroid and need to be medicated with the appropriate thyroid medicine suggested by your vet. Thyroid medications are as important as an appropriate high quality meat based diet otherwise the yeast kit does not have a fighting chance to work properly. 

We highly suggest you go to (Dr. Jean Dodds) and get the forms necessary for your vet to draw blood and have your dog tested with a 5 Panel blood test, then send it to her for anaylsis. SHE IS THE EXPERT on thyroid issues! We want to get your dog back on track, you and the pet has suffered enough so let's get the proper test done that is the key to opening the door on this problem. 


1) HAVE A THYROID TEST DONE FIRST, while you are getting your food lined up and Kit #30 ordered. If the thyroid test comes back "low normal" it is suggested that you treat with thyroid medication so be firm with your veterinarian on this. Remember estrus cycles and vaccines given within 2 months can skew the thyroid results. It may come back low normal, it is suggested you still need to medicate.

2) Change your pet's diet to Precise Holistic Complete Puppy or Adult dog food (large/giant or small/medium) or the Precise Holistic Complete Grain Free Diets (Pork or Lamb/Turkey). NutriSource Grain Free can be used if Precise is not in your area. Just make sure there is no potatoe in their grain free foods.

3) Order and use the Nzymes Skin Recovery Kit#30 and follow the instructions that come with the kit!! In chronic cases of systemic yeast, plan on 3- 6 months or more. Your dog will go through a detox process as you ease into this program. Our K-9 Ear Solutions is the absolute best ear wash for fungal infections in the ears - this one really works and it comes with the Kit #30 for all breeds and sizes.

Kit# 45 + K9 Ear Solutions - $125.00 2 - NZYMES® Treats 120 ct 1 - NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops (2.2 oz.) 1 - NZYMES® Fortified BacPak Plus (200 Gr.) 1 - NZYMES® Tincture of Black-Leaf (2.2 oz.) Plus 1 - K9 Ear Solutions (12 oz) FREE

Instructions will come with the kit, plus customer service along the way.

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May 5th, 2013
Colleen says...
I've used the Nzyme products before. They do really work. This is the second round for my Toy Fox Terrier & the first round for my Chiuahua. We are currently at the "gets worse before better" stage but I am persevering because I know we'll get thru this to better health. It's important to follow the instructions exactly, consistently. The K9 ear solution is excellent! I've got bottles & bottles of unused products because they were not effective. Thanks so much- all these products have been a life saver!

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