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Parasites Be Gone From My Pet
Posted on 01/14/2013

Many of our wormers have been overused so they are no longer effective. Cases of Giardia, IBD, IBS, Bloat, Systemic Yeast/Fungus overgrowth are all issues that can be resolved with an all natural herbal based wormer.

Giardia protozoa is now only sensitive to Panacur wormer and even at best the kill rate is very low so we have to worm more frequently and the cost of this wormer is out of sight. AND... it is a chemical and many people do not want to use chemical wormers any longer.

We have a great solution and it's called PBG-51 Wormer - and it is an all natural 100% plant extract wormer for your pet. The dosage is 1 CC per 10 lbs of weight up to 50 lbs. Then over 50lbs dose only  5 CC total - do this for 1-3 days and that's it.

In tough cases of reoccuring Giardia it is recommended to worm for 3 days then go once a month for 1-2 days and it will keep it from coming back. Ingredients: Water, 100% plant extract of Negella Sativa (Black Cumin), Mentha spicata (Spearmint), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint), and Cyatheales Dicksoniaceae (Fern).


Can be use with any of the Core Kits and with the Nzymes Skin Recovery Kit as well.

PRECAUTION:  If you are using the PBG-51 wormer, or Panacur, make sure your dogs do NOT have heartworm. When in doubt, check with the vet and get a heartworm test done prior to worming. If your dog has consistently been on a heart worm preventative it should not be a problem, but seek the advice of your veterinarian.

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