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Reoccurring Ear Infections
Posted on 11/06/2012

Chronic, repeated ear infections are something most of us have had to deal with, in our pets. We suffer too when we see our pet, dog or cat, repeatedly go through ear infections that we cannot stop with the traditional methods used.

A trip to the vet invariably results in an antibiotic preparation. If that takes care of the problem, great! If you find that, within too short a period, you are seeing the same problem again, there is probably a chronic problem that is not being addressed.

If that antibiotic does take care of the secondary infection with repeatedly infected ears, the primary problem, yeast, is still there and not being touched by the antibiotic. Frankly, antibiotics may actually enable a yeast infection to become worse. A yeast infection must be dealt with from the inside of the body to affect the outside to see permanent results.  In other words if you have it on the skin or in the ears it is time to treat it internally as well.

Groomers from all round the country are telling us that both of our ear treatments help to resolve the problem and maintain a healthy ear canal. We recommend the Liquid Health Ear Solution for healthy and slightly inflamed ears. Very inflamed and raw ears should be treated with GV Ear Concentrate Solution for a painless remedy.

Rather than to adversely impact the immune system with steroids or harsh antibiotics, you should consider using a more natural way to help reduce the yeast in the system of your pet: xxx

For a better understanding of a yeast problem, we recommend first reading : Mini Course in Systemic Yeast. This requires a change in the diet and using the Yeast Removal Kit This article and others relating to yeast infections are available on GreatDaneLady. com.

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