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Canine dose amounts of Co-Q-10 (03/03/2015)
Correct dosing of supplement Co-Q-10
Canine Separation Anxiety or overanxious dog behavior (02/03/2015)
Explanation and help with Canine Separation Anxiety
Mutation in dogs causing ADHD newly found and identified by Amber Corduan (11/25/2014)
Researchers find genetic mutilations in canines causing symptoms of ADHD.
Vaccine Reactions and Prevention in Canines (11/06/2014)
Article on the connection of vaccine reactions and nutritional support to prevent them.
Parasites Be Gone From My Pet (01/14/2013)
Much illness in pets (and humans) comes from having parasites - worms, yeast, fungus, bacteria (bad) - and yet it is rare that we look at this problem as the underlying cause to other diseases.
OCD - Osteochondritis Dissecans (12/27/2012)
OCD, a common orthopedic problem in all dogs, but more in large and giant breeds. Many factors can cause OCD. Nutrition and trauma are the two greatest causes of this condition and correcting the diet can assist in recovery.
Good and Bad Yeast, Fungus and Bacterias (12/20/2012)
The difference between good and bad yeast, fungus and bacteria in your pet's diet.
Do Probiotics Occur in Dietary Enzymes? (12/17/2012)
The difference between digestive and dietary enzymes and how natural occuring probiotics aids in the development of these seeds into sprouts used for supplementation.
Canine Hip Dysplasia in Large/Giant Breeds (11/26/2012)
Canine Hip Dysplasia can happen in all breeds because the real source of the problem can be genetic, nutritional or environmental. There are ways to support the dog with Hip Dysplasia with natural supplements so that medicines are not necessary to use.
Addison's Disease in Dogs (11/13/2012)
Addisons Disease in dogs requires specific nutritional support to rebalance the system.
Cushing Disease in Dogs (11/13/2012)
Nutritional support for dogs with Cushing disease. Diet makes all the difference in rebalancing the body.
Dog Health Problems - All Breeds (11/09/2012)
The information at this website is for all breeds of dogs. Supplements and holistic foods help to prevent and reverse many health conditions and we are here to help you and your vet with your pet's needs.
Anal Gland Problems in Dogs (11/06/2012)
Anal Gland Problems and Tonsilitis can be related. If your dog cleans his anal glands due to irratation it can cause an infection in the mouth. You can take care of this naturally, steps are in this article.
The Use of DMG with Seizures and Epilepsy in Canines (11/06/2012)
Valuable info on Seizures, Vaccine Reactions in Canines.
Canine Diabetes - Nutritional Support & the Sugar Connection (11/06/2012)
Understanding what supresses the immune function and feeds disease.
A Natural Approach to Canine Cancer (11/06/2012)
How to support the immune system and alternatives to treating cancer. The connection between cancer and sugar and systemic yeast (Candida) in cancer.
Reoccurring Ear Infections (11/06/2012)
The reasons for the cycle of ear infections and it's relationship to the health of the digestive track. How to stop the cycle.
Healthy Pet Treats Avoid Pet Treat Recalls (11/06/2012)
With the advent of pet treat recalls how to find safe treats.
Natural Alternatives to Cholesterol Lowering Statin Drugs (11/06/2012)
Did you know that cholesterol lowering statin drugs, like Lipitor, deplete the body of its Coenzyme Q-10 resources, causing muscle wasting and potential heart problems?
What is Coenzyme Q-10? (11/06/2012)
This article explains why this enzyme is critical for heart and gum health.
MSM - Research Articles (11/06/2012)
This articles explain all the benefits of MSM. The greatest use in pets is for orthopedic problems and developmental diseases such as HOD, OCD and Pano.
Dealing with Diarrhea and Giardia Protozoa (11/06/2012)
One of the worst health problems pet owners face today is infestation of Giardia, yet it goes misdiagnosed the majority of the time.
Canine Arthritis, HOD, Pano, OCD and Canine Orthopedic Conditions (10/24/2012)
Canine arthritis is often misdiagnosed as HOD, Pano or OCD normally orthopedic conditions related to growing dogs. Let's take a look at how to support these conditions naturally so we can avoid risky pain medicines.

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