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Allergies and Systemic Yeast


Systemic Yeast and Allergies

One of the biggest health problems for pets are skin problems such as itching, scratching, chewing, plucking out their hair. This also includes ear infections, anal gland problems, red paws and foot pads as well as anal and genital red skin. These problems are usually diagnosed as food allergies or sometime inhalent or contact allergies. Many times it is recommended to run expensive allergy tests that end up providing 80% false positives to different allergents but nothing get's cured. 

Real allergies are a problem of the immune system and by boosting the immune system with things like Colostum or Transfer Factor and DMG-L given along with Probitoics/Digestive Enzymes and Dietary Enzymes we can often boost the immune system and it takes care of itself. We also find it is very necessary to change the pet's diet to a holistic brand food, whether it is a commercial food like Precise or a raw Diet such as Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Raw.

However, the fact is most dogs diagnosed with allergies really have something called SYSTEMIC YEAST overgrowth in the gut. This is where the pH levels have changed in the gut and the beneficial bacterias of the gut  are low in numbers (due to stress, antibotics, hormones) and therefore the natural occuring yeast - Candida Albicans, takes over  and crowds out the beneficial bacteria in the gut. When this happens the mycotoxins or yeast die-off starts to leak into the blood stream and toxins leak out on to the skin making the pet itch, cause ear infections, bladder infections etc. This is referred to as "leaky gut syndrome".  One of the by products of this yeast overgrowth is the dying yeast also destroys the thyroid function making the skin issues even worse!

Can we fix this?...YES we certainly can,.. and the program we suggest has a 25 year longevity of use. First a thyroid test done by is imporant, go to their site for info.

Then contact for a list of better foods to use when a dog has true allergies OR systemic yeast overgrowth.

Then we put into effect the Nzymes Skin REcovery Kit #30 and we can reverse this process in 3-6 months. What the kit does is kill the yeast with the Tincture of Blackleaf, cleanse it out with the Nzymes Granulars, replentish the good bacteria in the gut with a 6 way Probiotic called BakPakPlus (which includes digestive enzymes), the a pH restorer called OxEDrops which helps to correct the pH of the gut. 

Special Shampoos and Anti-Itch Spray along with a soothing coat balm come in a Kit to help relieve the pets miserable itching while in the early detox stages. We find our MicroTech products work best of all tested.

This remarkable program  and a change in diet will rebalance your pet back to Wellness.

 For more and detailed information . On understanding systemic yeast in pets as well as in humans.

If your dog has been diagnosed with allergies, here is the ALLERGY
information to help you.

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