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The Use of DMG with Seizures and Epilepsy in Canines
Posted on 11/06/2012

After the reading the research on DMG- L being used with children with autism and seizures, I felt it was imparative to do some canine feed trials on this naturally occuring "food" substance. Out of those feed trials came some very interesting results.

First, when a body is detoxified/cleansed with a dietary enzymes - Nzymes Granular or Treats, it works better and the immune system functions best. So often the over vaccination of our pets causes problems with seizures and excessive toxins from the vaccine carriers. Therefore it is very important to start with a detoxified body in order to get the electrical system back firing properly.

Second, in most commercial diets are absent of  critical trace minerals that used to be present in our soils. Now with the soils depleated, these trace minerals are no longer found in the foodstuffs we use to make up our diets... dogs or humans.

Trace Minearls (62-72 of them) run the body's endrocrine system (hormones), which is the power plant of the body. This  absence of trace minerals can cause "miss fires" in our electrial impulses. Lastly when I incorporated DMG-L into the diet along with these components, the epilesy or seizures lessen or stop all together.

FCN has a Seizure Support Kit and we have had reported great success with it. It is well worth the try. It is also important to be feeding a quaity holistic food like Precise, NutriSource or PureVita and if you are interested in top dressing it with raw or using a totally raw diet we recommend The Honest Kitchen.

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