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$25.65 - 1 lb
$40.72 - 2 lbs

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MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) comes in the form of a dietary supplement that provides a rich nutritional source of bioavailable sulfur to your pet‘s diet. MSM is found in most natural, unprocessed foods, but because of its volatility/fragility, MSM is readily lost when fresh food is processed and/or stored, therefore making it beneficial to supply it to the diet. In research studies, joints affected by osteoarthritis have lower sulfur content. And in a preliminary double-blind trial with patients with osteoarthritis, they found that MSM reduced pain after six weeks.

“It is my personal experience using MSM in canine feed trials over the years, there was a definite increase in mobility in those animals with arthritis. In young growing dogs with developmental orthopedic diseases: HOD, OCD and Pano - MSM helps to levels out growth patterns by correcting nutrient/mineral malabsorbtion in the body. I have seen significant benefits to using MSM for arthritis in seniors and in large/giant breeds prone to digestive upset and bloat and gastric torsion.”

Linda Arndt - Blackwatch Nutritional Consulting LLC. Blackwatch Kennels

Key Benefits:

  • Correcting malabsorption of other nutrients such as minerals whose imbalance relate to problems such as osteochondrosis (HOD, OCD, Pano, Wobblers, Arthritis etc).
  • Pain and inflammation relief.Moderation of allergic responses.
  • Control of gut and urogenital infections
  • Moderating allergic reactions.
  • Moderating gastrointestinal tract upset from many causes, including diet and oral drugs. MSM has been shown in patent reserch info, to help prevent Giardia from reoccurring, by developing an unfriendly environment for giardia.


Description Quantity Price
Screw top container w/2 tsp scoop 1 lb $25.65
Screw top container w/2 tsp scoop 2 lb $40.72

Dosage for Canines from Vita-Flex:

The 16 oz and 32 oz MSM have dosage instructions for horses.

The following instructions are for Canine use of MSM.

Canine Weight (lb) Teaspoon
up to 45 lbs 1/4
45-90 lbs 1/2
above 90 lbs 3/4
Note: 1/4 tsp  = 1000 mg  

Give these amounts twice a day for 10 days. If you notice any relief in your pet's symptoms, you can move down to once a day. You may choose to continue the double dose indefinitely if it takes that amount for relief of symptoms.

Nutritional Support - Provided by Blackwatch Nutritional Consulting LLC

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$25.65 - 1 lb
$40.72 - 2 lbs

4.7 out of 5 stars (26 ratings)

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March 26th, 2012
Anonymous says...
I have a 9 year old bichon, a 7 year old big ole black male weighting in at 185, and my new girl a 8 mo. old fawn great dane. I am using the MSM as part of HOD kit 5 as my little Dane got HOD at about 4 mod. old. She was really sick. She had a mild relapse about one month ago.
August 1st, 2011
Shawn says...
I kinda had an urgent need to start the Nzymes and when I called they hurried and got it out that day! Oh my gosh. I had never had such a wonderful response in person - let alone on the phone! The product itself has been great! My 9 yr old Rott has been like a kid again with the MSM and Liquid Health Level 5000.... my new puppy has also responded well to those and the Nzymes - she's going to be a giant size. (5 mths she was 50 lbs!)
June 16th, 2011
Diane McKinney says...
I have been dealing with Giardia since adopting our 2 year old Dane. After spending hundreds of dollars at the vet, only for the parasite to return in a few weeks, I started researching and found the Great Dane Lady's website and started my research into this nasty parasite. I have changed his food and have the "Giardia" kit on the way, along with Panacur which I purchased on-line. I am happy to say, that just with the food change (Precise Pulse) and the MSM, he is on the road to recovery. For the past two days he has had a normal bowel movement and is his puppy self! I am looking forward to getting rid of this parasite and maintaining his health with the supplements. Thanks so much for I was feeling so sorry for him and his health was just going downhill.
May 4th, 2011
Anonymous says...
Recommended by a fellow Briarder (through The Great Dane Lady).
April 28th, 2011
Patricia Aarons says...
"Magnum" (Bernerse Mountain Dog/ Austrailian Shepherd cross)came to us from the shelter in mid January- all 90 lb.,unmannered inch of him - to join our family of 2 Berner girls. He brought along with him an upper respiratory infection (which he shared), heart worm (which, thankfully, he couldn't share), and a gimpy right front shoulder/leg. X-rays show nothing and his 5 week QUIET for his heart worm treatment did little to help his lameness. It is my hope that his MSM and his Nzymes from First Choice Naturals(along with his now good diet and other supplements) will be the answer to "fixing" him. It is still too short a time to REALLY tell, but I DO see improvement!!
August 19th, 2010
MaryKathryn Delisle says...
Vitaflex MSM was recommended by the Great Dane Lady and I swear by it as well!
February 24th, 2010
TZ says...
Received the products quickly without delay.
February 12th, 2010
Anonymous says...
Glad you are finally carrying this product. Essential for good joint care, especially with large, active dogs like Great Danes and Weimaraners.
October 14th, 2009
Anonymous says...
We have Giardia in the house and purchased the MSM to try to help in combatting this parasite. Everyone has done well on the product and we are pleased to have found it!
August 17th, 2009
MaryKathryn Delisle says...
I use MSM for my dogs all the time. Recommended by the Great Dane Lady! Awesome product!
July 17th, 2009
Karen Hayman says...
MSM--wonderful for keeping old and young joints and tissue healthy. Oxy drops and Black Leaf Tincture--great to keep the yeast away. I have been using these products for years now and am positive that they have helped keep my 2 dogs healthier and happier. The customer service at First Choice Naturals is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient! I recommend the company to many pet owners.

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