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Vaccine Reactions and Prevention in Canines
Posted on 11/06/2014

Vaccinosis or vaccine reactions are common nowadays with the multi-valent (multiple) shots that are given over and over then yearly. I tell my puppy  buyers to follow the Dr. Jean Dodd's schedule for vaccines, it is the most reasonable yet within the legal guidelines of each state.

In Great Danes, Dobes and other large dogs vaccine reactions can be life threating because they go down with high fevers and diagnosed with HOD which is a thickening of the growth plates, they often do not pull out of it. This is why vaccine reaction prevention is critical in giant breeds. In small dogs we often see seizures and a change in personality. The Great Dane Club of America, along with other dog clubs funded an 8 year study that indeed showed vaccine reactions are real and they are dangerous and we have to reevaluate how we give these shots and change the vaccine carrier because the body sees it as a serious toxin. 

So how to I prevent a vaccine reaction besides following Dr. Jean's schedule? With solid nutrition that provides plenty of antioxidants - a good cross section of them to cleanse the body and prevent a reaction such as Auto Immune Mediated  Vaccinosis. 

Start with a good holistic diet and back up that diet with CORE 4 Kit #37. This is what is in this important kit. It is a life long program of wellness but there are several CORE 4 Kits to pick from that will work for vaccine prevention.

It provides you with 4 in 1 Probiotic Plus - a good probitotic product that contains Vitamin C, Barley Grass, Fruits and Veggies for added antioxidant support. It has Nzymes Granulars to cleanse the toxins from the vaccines and OxEDrops a concentrated liquid drop that goes on food or water to restore the pH balance of the gut to maintain wellness.

For a current vaccine schedule go to Dr. Jean Dodds

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